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Sonos is the number one choice for home distributed audio on the marker today.

Single zone:

These systems distribute the same audio source everywhere—individual rooms must listen to the same audio source. This is the simplest type of system that can be installed and usually the most affordable.

Single source, multiple zone:

Separate volume controls are usually installed in each room or zone to compensate for differences in apparent volume due to room size and shape. Here especially, impedance-matching volume controls can be used to protect the amplifier from overload. This system design is otherwise the same as a single source, single zone in that all zones must listen to the same audio source, though volume control is independent in each room (and audio can be turned off in rooms, as desired).

Multiple source, multiple zone:

These systems are the most flexible. Different zones can be selected and control different audio sources independently of other rooms. In contrast to the systems described above, this kind requires multiple amplifiers (at least one per source, but usually one per zone). This is a very nice feature to have especially if you want to listen to something in the master bedroom and someone else wants to listen to something different and at a different volume in the master bath.

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