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The result? The brand new Contour. Filled with new drivers, new crossover, a new front baffle (but still in solid metal as your used to with the Contour), and a new curved cabinet.

All of the new Contour loudspeakers are equipped with new drivers. When we started development of these new units, our engineers used Finite Element Method (FEM) to map out all of their moving parts to locate even the slightest room for improvement. Because of the FEM process, we added an extra wave to our spiders that optimize their symmetrical movement. The spiders are merely one of many new features of the drivers: they have new magnet systems, the MSP diaphragm is thinner than usual, taller winding height, even a new glue between the diaphragm and voice coil. All of these new technologies combine to retain the classic Contour DNA (its exquisite midrange) and at the same time to take its bass performance to new heights.

We have made changes to the Contour’s front baffle. On the previous model, it was made in solid cast iron with blunt edges. Now, it’s made from solid aluminium with curved edges; it’s rigid and reduces unwanted vibrations and diffractions while keeping down its weight.

You’ll also notice a Dynaudio first: a curved cabinet. This is by no means for the sake of design (Although we think it looks gorgeous). No, curved edges make for a more rigid design that – much like the stiff aluminium front baffle – reduce unwanted vibrations and diffractions.

As with all Dynaudio cabinets, the Contour is built with the highest level of craftsmanship. Handmade of course. A single cabinet takes more than two weeks to make: carving, lacquering, sanding, polishing. And, we make four different, exquisite finishes that will make it a welcome addition to any home.

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